Virtual Assistance Services

Don’t let small tasks slow you down. We let you focus on what is most important for you while we take care of the rest.

C-level assistance for busy executives.

Let us compare prices & products for you.

Let the monotonous work to somebody else.

Get someone to clean your inbox for you.

Get paid in time with a proper invoice management.

Get someone else to do a thorough research for you.

Perfect for Posters, Banners and Flyers.
Save hours on this time consuming task.
From customer service to inventory.
Grow your Social Media & Marketing footprint.

Take the hassle out of travel planning and booking

Focus on the big picture.

Plans starting at just $299/mo.

What is Kuubiik not offering?

There are in fact a few things that we don’t do… yet. But we’re constantly looking for ways to grow our capabilities even more.

In person tasks
We work virtually, but can schedule in-person services.
Legal, accounting or HR
These are highly specialized roles.
Full time customer support
We can handle a few outbound calls, but not inbound calls.
Writing and Content Creation
While we’re happy to schedule, post, email and tweet, we just can’t create them!
Cold calling and lead follow-up is best left to the sales team
Receptionist Service
We can make and receive the occasional call, but we can’t be available all day.
We can help with research and more, but we leave the marketing plan creation to the pros!